and with my email address being, people naturally go to that website to see what I do. Until now we've had this site diverted to one of our commercial sites. Now it will be a stand alone with links to the commercial sites. And because I have been a serial entrepreneur all my life, this site will include general information about me and my latest plans, in case you might be interested in investing in some of my Hare-brained ideas, or purchasing Immunade, Nature’s Immunity Food from the Immunade site (before traveling to Mexico), or joining one of our Immunade Experience Studies on the Immunade site, or buying our Hyper-Egg Vet-Biologic animal health and performance products.

I was born in West Virginia, USA, to Canadian parents, so hold dual citizenships. I've spent the majority of my life however living in Manitoba, Canada. And for people who don't fish, Manitoba is straight north of Minnesota and North Dakota. The website name comes from HARE in MANitoba. But it could also be for the superhero “HAREMAN”, which hadn't been taken yet. Personally I like the superhero context and the superpowers might just be the potential results of our latest endeavors: like saving the lives of 500,000 kids annually in less developed countries; like curing and preventing superbug infections, which kill some 30,000 North Americans every year; like reducing greenhouse gas emissions to the tune of taking 250 million cars off the road; like eliminating Traveler's Diarrhea as well as many other opportunities to do great things.

My education includes a Bachelors of Science in Agriculture and a Masters in Business Administration, both from the University of Manitoba (1974 and 1987). My first real job was with the Canadian government in the Department of Agriculture, where I lasted 18 months until realizing a safe and stable government job was not for me. I then invested in partial ownership of a small manufacturing business doing zinc and aluminium die casting, plastic injection moulding and screen and offset printing. This company also had in house tool and die and chrome plating shops.

In 1984 I ran in an election for the federal government as a member of Parliament. After this unsuccessful bid, I returned to school for my MBA and upon graduating purchased a small agricultural feed ingredient distribution company. It was after listening to an associated technical presentation in 1997 that I started a new venture to hopefully exploit what we now call “Hyper-Egg” technology. And I have been working on this technology since.

It might also be worth noting that I'm in pretty good physical shape, recently retired from playing 39 consecutive years of competitive rugby and still playing over 100 games of hockey every year.

“Hyper-Egg” (our registered Trademark) is derived from EGGS from HYPER-immunized laying hens. All eggs contain natural immunity, which is the hens way of passively transferring immunity to its chick to help protect it from disease until its own immune system develops. When we vaccinate or hyper-immunize a hen with a specific antigen, the hen will develop those specific Antibodies, which will also be available in her eggs. We dry the eggs and they become a source of these specific Antibodies, which can be used to orally treat other animals and humans against that specific target.

This sounds like a simple enough technology but it has been the bane of many unsuccessful business ventures and the evaporation of likely hundreds of million investment dollars. We have never had the luxury of much investment capital and as such never had any money to waste. We are still working with the technology and have the distinction of being the world's first and still only company to have registered a Biologic drug using Hyper-Egg technology. Not to reference my name again but we have been the slow and steady tortoise in moving the technology forward.

We are now looking to capitalize on what we've learned over the last twenty years. To go to the next step will require a large capital investment. The good news is we don't have to use new money figuring out how to make the technology work. We can successfully produce the required Antibodies and now need to move these Antibodies into the marketplace. Please see below some of the opportunities available using Hyper-Egg technology, while keeping in mind the final product is in fact still and only an egg. A food most of us are very comfortable consuming. We look forward to your support.

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